What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing mobile apps for the purpose of achieving a higher rank in the app store search results and top charts rankings. Due to its similarities to search engine optimization (SEO) for websites, app store optimization is also referred to as App Store SEO, App Search Optimization, and Mobile App SEO.

The goal of ASO is nearly always app downloads, but supplemental goals can include:

* Increased brand exposure.
* Positive app reviews and ratings.
* Audience engagement.
* Additional marketing channel diversification.

Importance of ASO Package:

If you are wondering why you should go for ASO, mind the following advantages:

* Improved app discoverability: an optimized product page will rank higher in search results and potential users will find your app more easily.
* Increase in organic installs: more users will discover and download your app organically (so, completely FREE for you).
* Improved Conversion Rate to Install: you get more users who are visiting your listing to download an app, and thus, taking more advantage of the traffic you get.
* Lower acquisition costs: more organic installs would derive in lower ECPI (Effective Cost Per Install) in case you run paid marketing campaigns.
* Stable app monetization: the more users you have the more likely they are to spend money on your app (app purchases, subscriptions, or ads).

Searching in the app stores (Apple and Google Play), browsing app store top charts, and using app store features are still three of the top five ways people discover new apps for potential purchase. Therefore, it is important for app owners to pay special attention to how their products are presented in the app stores and strategically plan their product presentations to optimize visibility. Such efforts need to be deliberate and require an understanding of each app store’s ranking algorithms.

Why do you need ASO Package?

best App Store Optimization is a critical technique used by developers for user acquisition and cross-promotions. Implementing this process helps in increased visibility in the app stores and can convert browsers into users. Staying up-to-date on user trends and behavior will help app developers in determining the changes to be done to attract more users.


Assisted with an understanding of the science and data regarding app store ranking algorithms and these top tips for App Store Optimization, you are well on the way to an unfailing ASO strategy. With vigilant measurement and a little trial and error, you can win over your competitors in the app store top charts.

However, App Store Optimization is an ongoing process, thanks to both, the ever-progressing ranking algorithms and to the modest nature of the app stores. Remember that App Store Optimization is a continuous process – ASO is never a single-shot, but rather a marathon. Constantly track, test, and tweak your strategy to ensure the best results and consistent growth. A successful ASO strategy requires a keen eye, a taste for analytics, and steady check-ins. Succeed these and your investment will pay-off many times over.