3 Reasons Why App Reviews are Important

With the growing needs and requirements of humans, there exist apps that cater to everything and more. Starting from gaming apps to shopping apps, there are even apps that help us take care of our health and even manage our finances. The market for apps is vast and will continue to add on to its population of 5 million. All each of us needs is a good enough reason to download a certain app, and voila! There it is, downloaded on our phones and ready to use. The best place to search for a reason to download it, is right in the reviews and rating section of every app’s page, either on Google Playstore or the iOS App Store. Reviews can be of many kinds – real, short, fake, long and descriptive and even some made by mobile app reviews companies. They have a great impact on people and can make or break their decision to download an app. We notice that people often don’t tend to download apps that have a rating below 4 stars! So let’s dig deeper into this and understand the many reasons that ratings and reviews are important before downloading any app.

ASO has been on every app developer’s mind, thinking of different techniques to make their app more discoverable and to boost its rankings. If you leave to them to have to convince you to download their app, you will only listen to songs of praises! But lucky for us, reviews can be found anywhere! Apart from organic users leaving their few words on the app on the app page, many mobile app reviews companies provide the service of generating reviews. With over hundreds of reviews, here are just three reasons as to why you should read them before downloading anything on to your phone:

Understanding the app: did you know that the majority of people uninstall an app 3 days after downloading it? The best way to avoid this is to read the reviews! In this section of any app page, you will be able to learn the pros and cons of the app that you are deciding to download. Reviews will also include the main features of the app that other users found very helpful or maybe even unnecessary. Some reviews will even include a detailed description of their experience, and sometimes that helps with your decision making, too.

Distinguish the real from the fake: if you thought that every app in the market is genuine, think again! Unfortunately, it is filled with thousands of fake apps, proven to be severely damaging to your phones. Fake apps not only slow down your phones but also steal personal information like your address, bank details and so much more. If an app is fake, a review will definitely tell you that and save your time from being cheated. But if you don’t see any review indicating that, a few ways to check the authenticity of an app is by checking when it was released and last updated.

Concealed information: after reading the description and features, you are still not fully informed about an app. This is why we suggest you go on over to the review section where you will find a ton of users explaining the many features that might’ve been vaguely mentioned by the developers. The reviews can tell you how many times the app crashes, whether there are bugs with the new update and even the permissions the app seeks. This is the time to use your best judgement to make your decision read more!

Setting aside the reviews made by various mobile app reviews companies and even the one made by fake users, organic reviews are not tough to spot. Reading up on these type of reviews can help you save a lot of time and can keep you informed, rather than having to deal with fake apps. On an ending note, we want to encourage everyone reading this to leave their thoughts and reviews under any app they own. This can help a lot of people who are trying to figure out whether an app is worth it or not, and if your review can help that process, then why not do so!