Ever since smartphones came into existence, our lives took a different turn and we’re closer to each other than ever. Mobile apps have a huge impact on our lives. Evey smartphone will have at least 50 apps that are being used on a daily basis. Due to this, we see a huge development in the mobile app market too, there are over 4 million apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store combined. The app market is growing with technology and more apps get added every day. It is extremely challenging for new apps to make a stand among the millions of apps in the app store so that you can buy android app ratings and reviews from trusted parties.

Developing a great app with advanced features and having it live on the app store is just 50% of the process. The rest depends on how well you market your app and pave your app a way to success.

By employing several marketing strategies you can achieve a huge amount of user traffic to your app. Marketers that have planned budget for marketing usually have more marketing opportunities to explore.

Here are some of the strategies you can use to drive users to your app:

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization is an endless procedure of enhancing an app’s position and discoverability in an app store. The higher your app ranks in an app store’s search results, the more visible it is to the users. ASO is a straightforward approach to impact app downloads. Remember that it requires a continued effort to be fruitful. While app store rankings rely upon metadata like keywords, description, review, and ratings there’s a whole other world to ASO than that. You likewise need to think about how keywords rank in each app category.

Let us see what are some benefits of ASO

Improved Organic Installs

The best things about ASO is that with a good strategy your organic installs will increase and cost you literally nothing! When you’ve optimized your app will begin ranking higher for various search results lists, enhancing your visibility and increasing your organic downloads, all while keeping your acquisition costs down.

Get Your App to the Intended Users

The keywords play a very significant role here. There is no point in having your app seen by individuals who aren’t searching for it, so this is the place ASO ventures in to help. On the off chance that you aren’t utilizing similar keywords that your target users are hunting down, or your application description doesn’t clarify well what your application does, or regardless of whether you’ve picked the wrong category, every one of these elements lessens the odds of getting your app to the right user

Increased Revenue

When you monetize your app in any way using ads, subscriptions, in-app purchases etc., then ASO will help you in terms of increased revenue from all the extra downloads you are receiving.

Few factors to track the working of ASO:

Keyword Ranking

Keywords are the primary factor of app store optimization, these are the set of words that are typed in by the users in the app store search field when they are searching for an app. These keywords help your application rank in the search results. Find a suitable keyword for your app and experiment with the rankings of your app using all the potential keywords. Higher the keyword ranking, higher the ranking of your app in the search results.

App Store Impressions

Impressions are defined as the number of times your app was viewed on the app store for more than one second. This helps to track the keyword ranking for the keywords.

Download count

Keep track of the number of downloads before and after practicing ASO, it helps you to understand how well app store optimization is working. You can also perform A/B tests to see which store assets most resonate with your audience so you can continue refining your app store page.

Ratings and Reviews

Users tend to trust the feedback of the existing users. You must encourage user reviews through in-app messages and by sending review prompts and any other ways to review your app. These prompts must be asked at the right time and shouldn’t annoy the users in the middle of something. Get more good reviews to boost app ranking to top charts and appear higher in the search results. Reviews and ratings play a huge role in helping your app get more downloads which in turn impacts on the higher success rate of your app. You can buy android app ratings and reviews from trusted review providers.

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